Falling Walls Lab Tokyo 2017

27 May 15:00 - 19:00

Tokyo, Miraikan, Innovation Hall

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Learn, share and communicate about research

The Falling Walls Lab Tokyo will take place on May 27 in Tokyo!

Based on the idea of "breaking down various walls" around the world, this event provides students, young researchers and professionals of all disciplines and nationalities an opportunity to present their research projects or ideas in 3 minutes and in English, in front of a non-specialised audience.

The winners from the Falling Walls Labs from around the world - including the Falling Walls Lab Tokyo - will gather for the Falling Walls Lab Finale in Berlin in November. The Falling Walls initiative was founded to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Alina Kudasheva, FWLT 2016 Winner

Alina FWL FInale 2016 group

"It was an absolutely unique experience for me. I was nervous when presenting my research to a large audience, but now I feel much more confident at presenting my work!

I met many people from both academia and industry, and had a chance to know on what issues researchers from all over the world are working.

It was very knowledgeable and fun!"

(Alina Kudasheva, second from the left, at the Finale in November 2016 in Berlin; Photo credit: Falling Walls)



研究 × コミュニケーション

国際科学コミュニケーションイベントFalling Walls Labが東京で2017年5月27日(土)に開催されます!





DWIH Tokyo

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Entry Conditions

Bachelor and Master students (provided they are working on a research project on their own), PhD candidates, postdocs, young professionals and entrepreneurs from all nationalities and scientific disciplines are invited to apply.

  • Applicants with only a Bachelor’s degree: the degree should not date back more than 10 years.
  • Applicants with a Master’s degree: the degree should not date back more than 7 years.
  • Applicants with a PhD: the degree should not date back more than 5 years.
  • Postdocs and students which are currently enrolled in university are also eligible to apply.


Pre selection Procedure

All the applications will be handled through the Falling Walls website (link on top of this page). The organisers will select 10 to 20 participants from these applicationsand invite them to the Falling Walls Lab Tokyo 2017 on 27 May in Tokyo.


What's in it for the applicants?

Working on presenting your research project is never a loss of time! Apply to the FWLT and you will definitely be able to better conceptualise your research to your colleagues, and to the general public.

For the selected participants, in addition to being invited to the Tokyo event, they will be granted access to specific training materials on science communication.

Among participants, prizes will be given to a top three as selected by the Jury Committee on the day of the event:

 - The first prize is a trip to berlin for the Falling Walls Lab Finale and Conference on 8-9 November (where the winner of the Tokyo event will present in front of hundreds of executives, investors or policy-makers)

 - The second and third prizes will be announced soon!


Alina Kudasheva FWL Finale 2016

Words from Alina Kudasheva, FWLT 2016 Winner

"Good skills in science communcation will help you promoting your research at a later stage, perhaps even to the commercialization level, so why not to practice now and improve your skills?

Even if you don't win, participate will help you to establish professional networks!"


What should I prepare for my application?

(All fields are mandatory except specifically marked)

- Personal information, affilation and position, contact information;

- Past publications, awards and scholarships (optional);

- A tagline of your project: "Breaking the Wall of ... +40 characters maximum including spaces";

- A teaser of your project, in 50 characters maximum,including spaces;

- An outline of your idea/project: 200 characters maximum spaces included for the problem you address, and 200 characters maximum spaces included to present your solution;

- A short statement about your motivation in applying to the Falling Walls Lab (400 characters maximum including spaces);

- A CV in PDF format.


Apply here! Deadline 27 April!


Alina Kudasheva FWL Finale 2016

Tips & Tricks by Alina Kudasheva, FWLT 2016 Winner

"Due to the limited word counts, I tried to think of keywords precisely describing my research and why it is important for our society. Before making a proposal on how to solve the problem addressed, I analysed the current limitations in conventional technologies and how can my research improve that."


How to prepare a good talk?

That's for if, or when, you're selected!

For now you can check last year's lineup


Alina Kudasheva FWL Finale 2016

Tips & Tricks by Alina Kudasheva, FWLT 2016 Winner

"I tried to avoid text in PPT as much as possible and use more of images and video to make my presentation more entertaining for the audience. I also avoided usage of specific terminology to be sure that everybody in the room can follow my research proposal and results.

When using video or audio materials, please double check with the event organisers that it will actually work on the computer that will be used in the event!"



Watch last year's talks in video:










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