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Overview of the Recognition of Foreign Diplomas Process In Portugal 

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The registry/recognition of degrees in Portugal, is regulated by the Decree-Law nr. 283/83 (21st June, PT version only) and Ministrial Order nr. 1071/83 (29th December, PT version only) and the Decree-Law nr. 341/2007 (12th October, PT version only) and by the Ministerial Order nr. 29/2008 (10th January, PT version only), which establish a new regime of recognition of foreign academic degrees that present identical level, nature and objectives to those of the degrees of licenciado, mestre and doutor awarded by Portuguese higher education institutions, and therefore attributing the same legal rights as the Portuguese degrees.

The list of countries/degrees which can benefit from this scheme are included in the General Resolutions issues by the Commission of recognition of foreign degrees.


How to apply for diploma registry / recognition


Contact the General Direction of the Higher Education (DGES)

Direct phone: +351 213 126 000 (mondays, wednesdays and fridays 9:30 - 12:30)

or the DGES E-Desk 




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