Euraxess on tour

Luxembourg : a hub for the best research talents


The University of Luxembourg welcomed the EURAXESS Roadshow on the 22nd of April. A conference emphasising the need for mobility amongst researchers was organised and honored by the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and Research Claude Meisch, the State secretary of Higher Education and Research Marc Hansen, a representative of European Commission Guy Berg and the rector of the University Rolf Tarrach.


EURAXESS on tour is visiting 29 cities in 22 countries during its 2 month tour ending on 30 April 2014. About sixty participants from different backgrounds - students, researchers, the University, the public research institutes and the enterprises - were present at the event in Luxembourg.


The Minister of Higher Education and Research Claude Meisch opened the conference by stating the challenges and opportunities for Luxembourg with regards to mobility. He explained that Luxembourg has already a high percentage of exchange. «Almost 70 % of the doctoral candidates in Luxembourg are of foreign nationality; this mobility indicator compares well to the 10 % of the EU as a whole. We want to make Luxembourg a hub for excellent research and we want to attract the best talents to Luxembourg. And, what is more important, we want to keep the best talents in Luxembourg! »


Ulrike Kohl of the Fonds National de la Recherche, encourages people to move to another country but also to move between sectors. It will benefit your researcher career if you have also worked in the private sector. Furthermore Rolf Tarrach, the rector of the University of Luxembourg, pointed out that: « Moving around opens up your possibilities and you learn about yourself, about what you are capable of.» The speakers concluded that EURAXESS is the perfect tool to facilitate finding a job in Europe.

After the conference, researchers could participate in workshops about EURAXESS and about national and international funding in research presented by EURAXESS, the FNR and Luxinnovation. During the day, students and the young researchers had access to information terminals and professionals, ready to talk you through the comprehensive services available to help them to find a job and to get their career moving.  
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