Work permit

A work permit is required by all nationalities outside
the European Union (excluding Iceland, Lichtenstein,
Norway and Switzerland).


Citizens from Croatia, who joined the EU
in June 2013, still need to apply for a work permit
for the time being.


It is your employer's responsibility to apply for a work permit
(permis de travail) on your behalf; you will not be granted a
work permit until you have found employment in Luxembourg.


Before openly advertising the job, your potential employer must first check
with Administration of Employment (ADEM) to see if is someone on their
books who could potentially fit the job. If no-one in the labour market fits the
profile the employer can then look for a foreign worker.


Once found, the employer must make a declaration to the ADEM, who will acknowledge this and pass the file onto a special committe at The Ministry for Work and Employment (Ministère du Travail et de l'Emploi) is responsible for dealing with applications. Once your permit has been processed your file will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministère des Affaires Estrangères et de l'Immigration) who deals with your residence permit (permis de séjour).


This process could take between four and eight weeks.


Validity of work permits can vary between one year to indefinately and it is up to your employer to renew your work permit before it expires. They will be sent a reminder one month prior to expiry.